The Kennels are designed to accommodate all breeds and temperaments or owners with multiple dogs. The facilities are spacious, secure, clean and tidy built with insulated wall panelling flooring for warmth in winter and roof mounted sprinkler systems fed by tank water to keep them cool in summer.  Accommodation in own lodging with raised trampoline beds and carpet mats.

Canine guests staying with us are feed a premium diet consisting of home cooked chicken mince with rice, vegies, sometimes with a little liver chopped in for good measure.  Fresh meaty chicken frames and soft brisket bones and a selection of fresh meats.  We also feed quality biscuits mixed with the cooked if required.

We provide additional meals where required.

Young puppies are fed a minimum of twice per day.

The lush grass exercise yards are enormous and dogs are rotated 3 times a day weather permitting and spend as much time as they need depending on their energy levels roaming, running or just lazing about.  1/2 Shell pools are placed in the exercise yards for the water lovers during the hotter months.  Group playtime daily, or single time out in the exercise yards, whatever best suits your dog's needs.

Heat Lamps

Heat lamps are available during the colder months and are safely suspended above your dog’s bed.

This will incur a $5 per night sur charge.


Dogs staying longer than 10 days with us will automatically receive a FREE Hydrobath.  *Conditions apply*
Please pre book your FREE hydrobath on check in to avoid disappointment.
We are unable to give FREE Hydrobath over peak holiday periods due to the sheer volume of dogs being boarded.  Please ask for our price list for the hydrobath.

Boarding Rates for Dogs

If you collect your dog during the morning open hours you will not be charged for the day.  If you collect your dog during the afternoon open hours you will incur a $12/15 day charge depending on the size of your dog.

Small Dogs - $24
Medium Dogs - $26
Large Dogs - $28
Extra Large Dogs - $30-$32

If your dog is on medication please bring it with you, clearly labeled.  *Fees will apply if medication is to be given daily.
*Diabetics will be charged an additional $15 per day as they are injected and fed twice daily.